Networking is Everything

BIZTREEZ is a premium networking community on the rise. It is a collaborative effort by like-minded individuals; we share a common interest in business growth and development in today’s time with changing business environment.

Zig Ziglar once said that “You can have everything in life you want; if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

He demonstrated the importance of networking in this way. It connects you with people who can add value today and who can add value in the future as well. Value of references in creating new business, you may already be aware of it. It is the sole purpose why we use the tagline “Network is Everything”.


BIZTREEZ is a concept for forming a community where people with a prosperous mindset may grow together.

It allows us to represent each other’s enterprises/Business around the world. We offer encouragement for active engagement in your online/Offline community. It gives our members the satisfaction of receiving a worthwhile and unique experience.

It’ll also keep them coming back, to see what new topics are being discussed among their peers. We all know that attracting new consumers is more expensive. If we are comparing it with keeping existing ones, thus it pays off right away if your community members are showing interest and paying return.

Our Vision

To be the leading professional Networking Community to grow each other’s Business at the same time, build a long-lasting relationships of TRUST


The core belief is that to generate strong, long-term business, members must be able to build confidence and trust in one another, as well as a large network of contacts. Keeping all of these in mind, we would like to set a goal of having 1000 plus members. We would be cherishing it, if we manage to generate 10 crores plus business in the BIZTREEZ family.

Core Values

BIZTREEZ has the utmost respect for core values and follows them religiously. Members are obligated to uphold the values that have been established.

Our System

We all network in some way or another throughout our lives, whether we realize it or not. We discuss ideas with coworkers, recommend products and services to friends and family, interact at social gatherings, and, of course, attend formal networking events.

Through the power of networking, BizTreez attempts to generate business for its members. Currently, we have 5 chapter along with City Baroda and Biztreez queens segment More than 315 members. We provide you with a forum for like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. Through a combination of online/offline gatherings, activities, and other initiatives, members learn to know one another. These activities aid in the development of trust among members, resulting in strong bonds.

Members are the face of every member’s business and do their best to bring business to other members. We assist in the creation and maintenance of a community that promotes positive interactions and growth of business between members.

Checkout the below points for better understanding

  • Each chapter has one representative from each industry.
  • A weekly meeting for sales professionals to network and establish partnerships.
  • A gathering for various types of enterprises to meet and share their valuable business growth.


The BIZTREEZ Members acknowledge these principles establish specific criteria and agree to :

  • Produce a high-quality service
  • People will openly and uninvitedly refer to repeat business and/or provide testimonials
  • A full subscription needs to be paid on time
  • Attentive in induction training within joining of 2 months
  • Weekly attendance on time
  • Contribution of testimonials with quality referrals.
“Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and, when done correctly, can yield great results for years to come. ”
Diane Helbig


Members have a commitment to :

  • Commitment to the goodness of the group
  • One must be committed to their own business
  • Put efforts in development of professional relationships, credibility, and trust. Take some time off while doing these activities.
  • Treat BIZTREEZ colleagues and meetings with the same civility and respect as you would, clients and client meetings
  • Should be eager to learn and improve their professional abilities
  • Be willing to provide contribution and assist in the administration of their groups. If requested, be willing to alter their behavior
  • Consider BIZTREEZ to be an essential component of their marketing approach.